Sheepscot Fiber is our business and Eolian Farm is where it all begins. All of our llamas and sheep are raised from birth or purchase until age or illness takes them.

Only their best fiber is processed into roving and yarn, the lesser quality into rug yarn and lowest quality is used for mulch in the garden.

Most of the fiber is processed at a local mill that is solar powered. The rest is handspun and dyed here at the farm.

Our packaging is as eco-friendly and is either recyclable or repurposed material.

We have Shetland, Icelandic and Finn sheep because we love the smaller size animals and wide range of natural colors their fleece provides.

In addition to the sheep we also have llamas. The blend of the two fibers makes a very soft and lofty yarn.

In addition to the fiber animals we make soap and lotion bars using egg yolk from our hens and wax from our bees.