Taking a stab at needle felting

There are so many cool needle felted landscapes, portraits, bags, you name it…..amazing what you can do with wool. After being inspired by all of these wonderful projects on Pinterest I decided to take a stab at it myself, literally.  Decided to start with what is close to my heart, our animals. Meet Woodstock, one of our first llamas and here is his story.


Woodstock arrived at our farm 20 years ago along with 5 other llamas. He lived his life out on our farm as an intact stud and helped to produce three beautiful babies, Cappachina, Comet and Blue Moon.  Their mother was Countenance who arrived on the farm with Woodstock. Woodstock was a fine fiber animal as well as one of our best ambassadors. He traveled to many events and participated in the Maine Llama Drill Team, a story for another day.  My felting of him makes him look a bit standoffish, but he was the opposite, a sweet gentleman and I miss him.





Author: SheepscotFiber

I live on a farm surrounded by beautiful animals that provide us with tons of fiber. Enjoy the whole process of caring for them, harvesting and preparing their fiber for processing. The products in my shop are a mix of hand dyed yarn spun at a local mill and yarn I have spun and dyed. The egg yolk soap is made here and with the addition of bees last year I will be making an egg and honey soap as well.

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