The story of Nugget McFluffyhead

Portland Press Herald — Staff photo by Gregory Rec

Nugget was born in Maine on March 22nd this year, one of three East Friesian lambs. Being the last of the three born, his siblings were already adept at nursing and he just could not push his way to one of his mother’s two teats. It was cold and he was not getting enough to eat, a downward spiral began and he got weaker and weaker. As he weakened his mom favored his stronger siblings so a decision had to be made about his fate. He would not make it until the next morning without some human intervention. You can see from the picture below how the rest of the story goes. Nugget stays close to his new parents and even runs errands with them as they run their farm and participate in the farmer’s markets. When not in the baby sling he wears a sweater and diapers. You can imagine that he has made quite a hit with those he meets along the way. To read his whole story and see some cute photos of Nugget go to the Portland Press Herald.

Staff photo by Gregory Rec

Heide Purinton-Brown of Toddy Pond Farm talks with a customer at the market while Nugget snoozes in a sling bag. Portland Press Herald — Staff photo by Gregory Rec